information about me
age/nationality born in April 1960 near Düsseldorf (everybody should be able to calculate my actual age) - therefore nationality "German"; but I feel as an European citizen and the further existing borders in Europe are no longer necessary
the German and the European anthem are connected with the flags (for information only without any political reasons) - to start with a double click
  Flaggen - Europa und Deutschland deutsche Hymne europäische Hymne
  • 1,82m and 92 kg (European measures, American: nearly 6 ft. and 190 pd.)
  • without beard
  • brown hair, with gray - normal length
  • normal hairy, but shaved at the strategic points
  • well endowed
  • a PA-ring and septum-piercing - perhaps more soon
residence varying because my job (see below) - about mostly near Düsseldorf (relocated from Cologne)
job edp-consultant - so I have to travel a lot
motto hot appearance/behavior and experience count and not youth alone (but many gay man are always looking for younger one, but I prefer men with some experience)
preferred colors yellow, gray and black (but s/m only up to medium)- left and right
I like (not a complete list!!!)
  • men between 30 and 60
  • hairy guys (daddies/bears) who like games with phantasy
  • top and bottoms - at the moment I'm personally more bottom as top
  • top and bottoms - at the moment I'm personally more top; my registration at slaveregister is still active(my number is: 740262 - see my attached slave-barcode: slave barcode 740262
  • people with the same preferences and other who will teach me new things
  • I like games with several people at the same time
  • I would like to be hypnotized and be a dog or slave in trance; then I can make first experiences in this area (perhaps with trigger-words/phrases, which will start the trance immediately in the future - perhaps for a longer time period)
  • but the most important point: joyful life and no prejudice!!!
I don't like
  • heavy s/m
  • dirty
  • scat
  • unexperienced men/teenager, who want to try something but don't know what they want
  • permanent injuries
  • drugs of every kind
  • sex with alcohol