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link (and remarks) category new
Altairboy chastity  
AMBC - Pascal rubberboots / waders  
Bear-Pics (you have to pay for viewing) Guys  
BLUF / Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub breeches  
Bmezine (part is free) piercing  
Bootplus (basic membership is free) boots  
Boots I (replacement for the appropriate ning-group) boots  
Chastity I chastity newer link
Chastity II chastity  
C.O.K. gay bar  
Gayromeo (member name: georgerubb) general newer link
Gayroyal (member name: georgerubb) general newer link
Men in Gear (basic membership is free) rubber / leather / boots  
Men in Rubberboots rubberboots  
Narcissus Cursed Men Collection hypnosis  
New York Renegades (part is free) ponyplay / dogplay  
Pet-Bibliothek ponyplay / dogplay  
Pspumpers vacuum-pumps / guys  
RECON (basic membership is free) bondage / rubber / leather  
Rubberzone (basic membership is free) rubber  
Rubclub rubber  
Slaveregister bondage / master-slave  
Thongmen jocks and other underwear  
WarpMyMind (basic membership is free) hypnosis  


link (and remarks) category new
Boot Boy (Passwort erforderlich) boots  
Cort's World stories  
gay chastity slaves chastity  
Larry - Hot Boots boots  
LeatherOaks rubber / waders  
Mike plateau  
Norbert gelb / diapers  
Snoopy dogplay / rubber  
WaderJoe rubber / waders  


link (and remarks) category new
Alex Baresi leather / rubber / neoprene  
blackbody (NL) rubber  
blackstyle rubber  
Buddylock chastity  
Butcherei Lindinger tailor made clothing / toys  
Carrara Designs chastity  
Comycom bell bottoms newer link
Cover-Up rubberboots / hazmat suits  
Daviswear jocks and other underwear  
Deecom bell bottoms newer link
Dildoking toys  
extremerestraints bondage  
Fets-Fash spandex  
Fetters Europe dogplay / bondage  
Gerecke chastity  
H-M Leder leather / rubber / bondage  
I'll Dress U jocks and other underwear  
Joe's Boots boots  
keuschheit-cb chastity  
Kiniki jocks and other underwear  
Koala-Swim jocks and other underwear  
LaCrosse rubberboots / waders  
LatexAS rubber  
Lederstern ponyplay  
LGS rubber / leather  
Man-Store jocks and other underwear  
Mister S leather / rubber / bondage  
Monster-Tube vacuum-pumps  
Neosteel chastity  
No Respect chastity and other toys  
Pennangalan plateau  
QP-Western-Shop boots / leather  
Rob (in Amsterdam and Berlin) leather / rubber / toys  
Rubber factory rubber  
Slickchic rubber  
Slick it up spandex  
Spandexman spandex  
Spandexwear spandex  
Spexter leather / rubber / boots  
Steelfetish bondage  
Stompers Boots boots  
Swear Alternative plateau  
Tendenze jocks and other underwear  
Toy-Versand leather / rubber / bondage  
Topman jocks and other underwear  
Utilikilts kilts  
vk79 breeches / uniforms  
Wildcat piercing  
XtraX-Untergroundfashion boots  
Zyclogear jocks and other underwear  

The above mentioned links describe my personnel opinion. Regarding the "not free of charges" pages I declare explicitly, that I don't have any financial profits out of this recommendations (I think that this pages are very good and everybody has to decide for his own if he would visit them).