Unusual underwear has fascinated me since a long time. I loved the laundry sides in a retailer-catalog for the man in a retailer-catalog because they were the most interesting part. However I wear this kind of underwear for nearly 10 years. I find the feeling very hot to wear a pair of briefs forming the dick. You have an impression what is under but doesn't know all details. I find pictures showing men wearing hot underwear more interesting as naked ones..

I started - as most of us guys -- with jocks. I wear them also under my normal clothing. Various substance strings were bought then after and after, very thin ribbons and the narrow bag are the best ones. The materials also became more and more various: leather, rubber, latex. Body stocking are the latest parts of the collection, since they give me a hot feeling around my dick and also round the upper part of my body (you should try it - it is very interesting).

In the meantime I have built a considerable collection of underwear gear. This collection is completed from time to time , if I see a hot pouch again somewhere. I recently have seen a string seen with a front from chain-links (not just cheaply) in a shop window in Cologne. Perhaps I will buy it in the next weeks (actual hint as of 10/01: the item was sold a few days ago; if somebody know a shop please send me an email).

Two weeks ago I was in Munich and visited the underwear-shop Tendenze (near the Viktualienmarkt) . You can find really cool strings/things there (look at the new pics within the thumbnail-table). Every reader should visit this shop or the web page, who love to wear hot gear under his pants. When I will visit Munich again, I will go directly to this shop and buy some further strings/thongs. If somebody has some Tendenze gear I would like to start a chat about it.

Several months ago I bought 2 new 'things' at ebay. When I think about wearing them under tight jeans, my blood pressure will rise up. Besides this new ones I visited Tendenze in Munich again and bought additional underwear (3 thongs). When I visit this shop, I can't decide which thong I should buy. At least I would like to buy all one (but that's too expensive). Two weeks ago I detected the webpage of koalaswim (www.koalaswim.com). When you look at their page, you will become hot instantly. But the beach wear is expensive (especially when you see the actual exchange rate Euro - $), but I think about ordering a few of this hot beach wear.

During this year (2008) I visited New Orleans, San Francisco and Toronto: During this trips I discovered several shops for hot underwear and bought several of them. The results of my shopping trips can be seen in the gallery. I'm very astonished about the huge collection of new underwear. It's pity to wear this only under other cloths and not showing them. At hoe I wear from time to time this underwear without other cloths or with chaps. Additionally I have up to 5 rings around my cock and/or balls. So I have a big bulge in the underwear. When you are interested to join my sessions, please send me a mail.

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