I detected rubber gear after wearing leather for several . I started my gay live with leather gear (see also my leather page) as pants, chaps, harness and others. 10 years ago I tried rubber and since then I prefer this material. I still wear leather, but mostly rubber.

Since the beginning I have bought many rubber things have a medium size collection of rubber "toys (see also the page rubber boots). Some garments were thrown out because of gaining some weight over the years. The collection include several pants (with and without flap), chaps, several shorts, jocks, jackets, t-shirts, harness and also 2 hazmat suits. The following pics show only a small part of it; next pics will come soon (when I have enough time besides my job). I'm always looking for new things. I plan to buy a rubber straight jacket (I saw several types in Amsterdam). Who wants to play some games with me wearing this kind of jacket? In addition I have a growing interest in working clothes (yellow pants and jackets - worn by construction workers ); the color fits to my other interests.

At the moment my favorite gear is the 2 hazmat suits (from the German army - West and East. You can smell their former military history, but over it will disappear . You can wear them over a longer period of time without any restrictions. The top of the west Germany suit is a little bit to large (for me) and can't wear a gasmask together with this suit. Besides the suits I like to wear my "Wathose" together with a rubber jacket and gloves.

The collection will be increased over the next future. The thumbnail gallery can only show a part of the collection because of the size. If one of the readers has some gear which he doesn't any longer, send me a mail and we will discuss the trade. Since 3 months ago I had bought a few gear at several online-auctions at ebay ; you should have a look at their bids from time to time.

My collection of black rubber gear is now big and I just started with rubber gear in red (transparent gear will come soon). I bought a body and a jock in red. I think it looks great. Please tell me your opinion about this red gear. You can see the new pics ion the new gallery 3.

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